SMAIO is commited to protect both customer and patient privacy and  has implemented a series of procedures and safeguards to protect the privacy and security of personal information and to provide tools and services to its clients who may be covered under the U.S. HIPAA rules or Canadian PIPEDA. Our privacy statements demonstrate our commitment to customer, patient privacy and communicate our information gathering, security and dissemination practices.

Sensitive data related to patient
SMAIO provides software solutions, and secured storage capacity to physicians who directly collect data from patients. As such, SMAIO can be considered as a business associate under the regulations of the U.S. HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule and must therefore protect any information collected.
When patient consent is required in order to collect, use and share data, it is generally the responsibility of the enrolling physician to obtain appropriate consent from the individual. Physicians using KEOPS will only collect indispensable patient information to assess outcomes of their practice.
If physicians decide to share information with other KEOPS physicians members, information are de-identified.
Identification information decryption requires a security file locally owned by physician making any identification outside the hospital impossible.

Sensitive data related to physicians
While using KEOPS, physicians will generate sensitive data related to their activity. These data are physicians property and cannot be consulted or disclosed by SMAIO for any reason. To the physician upon request (maintenance, support on research project), SMAIO may perform data extraction that will never display patient identity.

Patient opt out policy
Patient may decide to stop providing any information requested by physicians for follow-up purposes. Patient may also ask physician to delete their file from KEOPS database. It is physician's responsability to manage patient file creation / delation.

Accessing Personal Information that KEOPS Holds
Requests for access to personal information that KEOPS holds should be directed to the patient's physician. SMAIO will release such data to the physician upon request, and the physician will provide data that the patient has the right to access.

Sensitive data restitution
At the end of the subscription, KEOPS user will receive all the data collected with KEOPS under Excel (clinical data) and JPEG format (imaging). KEOPS user will also receive certificate granting that collected data are deleted from the data base.

Additional information
Should you have any additional question, please contact us through our website.